Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This opera is the world in a theatrical nutshell: it deals with growing older, with trials and tribulations, with intransparent decisions. One person searches [...]

Premiere: Friday 23. Sep. 2016 | no further performances this season


Senza Sangue/Herzog Blaubarts Burg | Péter Eötvös, Béla Bartók

After a long search, a young woman finds a man with whom her life is bound together by fate. As a young girl, she survived a murder attempt on her father and [...]

Premiere: Sunday 06. Nov. 2016 | no further performances this season


Otello | Giuseppe Verdi

Otello is the very cause of his own madness. He must fend off envy, enmity and threats – were he sane, this would be easy. He has made his way to the top of [...]

Premiere: Sunday 08. Jan. 2017 | no further performances this season


¡Gesualdo! | Carlo Gesualdo

“Tenebrae Responsoria”, the Fifth and Sixth Books of Madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo The art of Carlo Gesualdo, Principe da Venosa’s madrigals is hard to [...]

Premiere: Sunday 15. Jan. 2017 | no further performances this season


Lulu | Alban Berg

Anyone who loves Lulu is killed by that love. To men, Lulu is the instrument satisfying their sexual desires, yet irritatingly, she remains autonomous and [...]

Premiere: Sunday 12. Feb. 2017 | no further performances this season


Die Frau ohne Schatten | Richard Strauss

“Not to let fear darken what is glowing, not to bind the wonderful bird’s wings! Courage is the inner light in every fairy-tale, and that is why the Empress [...]

Premiere: Sunday 16. Apr. 2017


Mahler 8 | Gustav Mahler

“No Mahler work is so filled with the spirit of fiery yea-saying as this one.” Thus the conductor Bruno Walter on a symphony which can almost not be called [...]

Premiere: Friday 28. Apr. 2017


opera stabile

Katze Ivanka | Massimiliano Matesic | Vera Nemirova

A red tabby with amber eyes, musical talent and a great sense of mischief – Ivanka the Cat is the secret star of the opera house, and anything but an ordinary [...]

World Premiere: Saturday 15. Oct. 2016 | no further performances this season


Erzittre, feiger Bösewicht! | Musiktheater für Jugendliche nach W. A. Mozart

Two boys, the handsome Tamino and the loudmouth Papageno, meet in rather unusual circumstances. Together, the new friends embark upon a journey towards the [...]

Premiere: Thursday 20. Apr. 2017


immer weiter | Jesse Broekman | Irene Galindo Quero

Without words, without music. A hole in a word. Snow between us. People in a state of tragic everydayness question what seems a matter of course. Life as a [...]

Premiere: Friday 07. Jul. 2017



The Song of the Earth | Ballet by John Neumeier

TO BE READ BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE "The Song of the Earth" is the culmination of a long dialogue with the music of Gustav Mahler initiated in 1974 [...]

Premiere: Sunday 04. Dec. 2016 | next performance: Saturday 15. Jul. 2017


Anna Karenina | Ballet by John Neumeier

Among connoisseurs, Leo Tolstoy’s "Anna Karenina" is considered one of the most perfect novels ever written. There are popular titles that are [...]

Premiere: Sunday 02. Jul. 2017