Così fan tutte | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Seeking to test their girlfriends’ fidelity, two men wager that they will remain steadfast. They subject the women to passionate onslaught, and in the end, ...

Premiere: Saturday 08. Sep. 2018 | no further performances this season


Szenen aus Goethes Faust | Robert Schumann

While Goethe’s classicism aimed at a whole consisting of particles in accordance with a higher plan, where the illumination of the heart’s reason is heeded ...

Premiere: Sunday 28. Oct. 2018 | no further performances this season


Orphée et Eurydice | Christoph Willibald Gluck

Eurydice is dead, a fact the man and artist Orpheus cannot accept. He demands her return. Indeed, the beauty of art and its power to transcend and destroy ...

Premiere: Sunday 03. Feb. 2019 | next performance: Sunday 23. Jun. 2019


Nabucco | Giuseppe Verdi

Jerusalem has been occupied, the Jewish temple destroyed, the Hebrew nation abducted to enemy Babylon. In its Babylonian exile, the Jewish people’s struggle ...

Premiere: Sunday 10. Mar. 2019 | no further performances this season


Lessons in Love and Violence | George Benjamin / Martin Crimp

Always the same old story: that mixture of blood, power, dynasty, jealousy, treason and sex. All the themes found in the plays of Shakespeare and Marlowe, whose ...

German Premiere: Sunday 07. Apr. 2019 | no further performances this season


THÉRÈSE | Philipp Maintz

Thérèse lives in an arranged marriage with her cousin Camille, suffering unspeakably. She falls in love with Laurent, her husband’s best friend. ...

German Premiere: Saturday 18. May. 2019


opera stabile

Ring & Wrestling | An operanovela in five episodes

Nietzsche, simultaneously the greatest Wagner fan and Wagner hater, proclaimed God to be dead. Including the gods of the Ring? Their story is always told to the ...

Premiere: Friday 07. Sep. 2018 | no further performances this season


Schneewittchen | Wolfgang Mitterer nach Engelbert Humperdinck

White as snow, red as blood and black as ebony – born of a winter wishfulness, the princess grows up until a talking mirror turns her world upside-down. After ...

Premiere: Saturday 09. Feb. 2019 | no further performances this season


Die Nacht der Seeigel (The Night of the Sea Urchins) | Akademie Musiktheater heute 2016-2018

Three people, three stories: a man on the run, a pregnant woman, an ancient scientist. Each in their own time period, each lonely. Each driven by longing, ...

World Premiere: Thursday 02. May. 2019


Moscow, Cheryomushki | Dmitri Schostakowitsch

Is there any place more idyllic than a high-rise quarter, freshly built? Locked doors, corrupt civil servants, homelessness hovering like the sword of Damocles ...

Premiere: Friday 21. Jun. 2019


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