• Monika Rittershaus

Saturday 03. Mar. 2018, 7.30 pm - 9.20 pm | Großes Haus


Péter Eötvös, Béla Bartók

Senza Sangue/Herzog Blaubarts Burg

Introduction at 6.50 pm

After a long search, a young woman finds a man with whom her life is bound together by fate. As a young girl, she survived a murder attempt on her father and her brother committed by rebels, one of whom had found but spared her. The woman’s life turned into a crusade of vengeance, and now she has found the last of the perpetrators. As then, she longs to see salvation in his eyes, hoping that he will absolve her from her deeds. / Judith loves Bluebeard, but his ego is hidden behind the doors of the dark castle of his innermost being. If they are opened – thus she hopes – light and air will flood his soul. However, his willingness is not sufficient to open all the doors. Bluebeard locks Judith in, as the fourth woman with the others he has murdered, and closes all the doors. Darkness falls again.

Awarded with the Theatre Price Hamburg Rolf Mares 2017 in the category "excellent production".

Director and Set Designer: Dmitri Tcherniakov
Costume Designer: Elena Zaytseva
Lighting Designer: Gleb Filshtinsky
Dramaturgie: Johannes Blum
Video: Tieni Burkhalter

Premiere: 06.11.2016

No break

In Italian and Hungarian with German and English surtitles
Supported by the Foundation for the Support of the Hamburg State Opera

Senza Sangue

Without Blood

Decades ago, just after the war, three ex-soldiers break into a military doctor’s house to take revenge on him for his war crimes by taking justice into their own hands and punishing him. The doctor and his adolescent son are killed. One of the intruders finds a little girl hidden in the cellar. He decides to spear the doctor’s daughter and tell no one about his discovery. The girl survives.

Years later.

1st Scene
The city center. An old man selling lottery tickets recognizes an elderly customer as the girl whose life he had once saved. The woman had been searching for him for years and, now that she has found him, invites him for a coffee in a café close by. The startled old man accepts the invitation.

2nd Scene
The two of them sit at the café. The man knows exactly why the woman had been searching for him. He also knows that he is the only one of the three men, who had broken into her father’s house, still to be alive. Unable to fight the accusation of murder, he convinces the woman, that he still remembers the look on the little girl’s face hiding down in the cellar. In all these years, that face had branded itself into his mind. The woman suggests drinking something stronger.

3rd Scene
The woman realizes that her entire life had been filled by the tantalizing wish of returning to the hellish moment her life had been so brutally destroyed. The wish to reconstruct that hell again and again.

4th Scene
The man and the woman talk about the circumstances of the incident from their own subjective point of view. He hints to the fact, that everyone involved in the raid had died under mysterious circumstances. The woman is angry that the man believes the rumors. She tells him her life story the way she sees it. The man doubts she is telling the truth.

5th Scene
The man admits that after all he had heard about her over the years, he had been convinced she would appear one day to take revenge. He had basically accepted the fact that she would one day turn up and kill him as the last remaining party of the raid. But he had also had a vague hope she would at least be prepared to talk, as he had once speared her life.

6th Scene
The woman unveils the dreadful truth about the incident. She is able to talk about it now. The man tries to defend himself by justifying his actions due to the war. After all, her father had been a war criminal as well. But the woman does not accept his excuses and blames the men for having acted out of pure revenge. No circumstances would be able to vindicate what had happened. She had been a small girl cowering in the cellar full of fear, and her entire life had gone off track since. The exhausted man begs her to leave him in peace.

7th Scene
Filled with the desire to end this nightmare, and to receive the avenging bullet, the man says that the sight of the little girl peering out of the cellar hole had been the most emotional feeling of his life; he had never felt anything similar since. But the woman has not intended to take revenge. She prompts the man to go with her to the closest hotel and sleep with her.

Herzog Blaubarts Burg

Bluebeard's Castle

The man and the woman in a hotel room.
To create a made up situation and to live through it in the name of fictional characters is a way to overcome fear – the fear of talking about our real nightmares.
Judith follows Duke Blaubart into his dark, damp and deserted castle. She loves him unconditionally and follows him without any hesitation, leaves her father’s house, her family and her groom. Blaubart doubts her being honest and intrepid but Judith convinces him of her loyalty. Even the dark and terrible stories told about the Duke’s mysterious castle are not enough to scare her off.
Judith finds seven massive doors of iron and wants to know what lies behind them. She asks Blaubart to open them but he warns her: It is better if she does not know what lies behind the doors. Judith begs him to do it just for her. She wants the wind and the sun to soak the dark castle. She convinces him to open them, driven by love alone.
Behind the first door, lies a gruesome image, a torture chamber.
Behind the second door lies an arsenal of weapons.
He lets Judith open the third, fourth and fifth door by herself. And, one after the other, she discovers sparkling treasures, a blooming lust filled garden of paradise and the Duke’s infinite lands. He promises to give her all of it, now that she had opened all important doors. Now his castle would be filled with life again. But Judith does not trust him. She had seen blood behind every door. The castle is bleeding.
The Duke begs Judith not to open the last two doors. But Judith insists and the Duke opens the sixth door.
She finds a calm, motionless lake. It is a lake full of tears, the duke confesses full of despair. Judith tries to find out, what is hidden in his past. Who had he loved before? Why the sad lake of tears? The answer lies behind the seventh door.
Urged by Judith, Blaubart reluctantly opens the last door. The Duke explains what lies behind it. He counts the names of his past women that live behind the seventh door and calls Judith his new woman, his most valuable treasure.

Translation: Adrian Leisewitz

Ort: Großes Haus, Dammtorstraße 28, 20354 Hamburg
Preise: 6,00 EUR bis 109,00 EUR

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