• Bernd Uhlig

Sunday 14. Oct. 2018, 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm | Großes Haus


Peter Ruzicka


Libretto by Yona Kim | Introduction at 5.20 pm

Walter Benjamin was a German philosopher and cultural scientist. A Jew and Marxist, his path through the 20th century was irregular and meandering. The figures in this opera accompanying Benjamin on his last wanderings through life designate areas of his influence. Hannah Arendt spoke of the “banality of evil”, Benjamin’s chess partner Bertolt Brecht polemicised against his “Jewish fascism”, the Kabala researcher Gershom Scholem urged his friend to come to Israel, and with the Latvian actress Asja Lacis, Benjamin fantasised about proletarian children’s theatre. To Benjamin, it was not world revolution, but "weak messianic power" that pointed the way to a just society. While escaping to the USA, Benjamin took his own life in the Spanish border town of Port-Bou in 1940.

Libretto and Director: Yona Kim
Set Designer: Heike Scheele
Costume Designer: Falk Bauer
Lighting Designer: Reinhard Traub
Dramaturgy: Angela Beuerle

Premiere: June, 3rd 2018
Commissional work by the Hamburg State Opera

No break

In German with German and English surtitles
Supported by the Foundation for the Support of the Hamburg State Opera

Ort: Großes Haus, Dammtorstraße 28, 20354 Hamburg
Preise: 6,00 EUR bis 97,00 EUR

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