Friday 21. Jun. 2019, 8.00 pm | opera stabile Premiere

Dmitri Schostakowitsch

Moscow, Cheryomushki

Introduction at 7.20 pm

Is there any place more idyllic than a high-rise quarter, freshly built? Locked doors, corrupt civil servants, homelessness hovering like the sword of Damocles over the heads of a random group of Muscovites from the overcrowded and ailing parts of the Russian metropolis in the late 1950s. The satellite town of Cheryomushki is supposed to alleviate all these troubles, making all the promises of modern life come true. Whatever might still be lacking to achieve perfect happiness is supplied by a homemade magical garden: here, flowers grow only for good people, a fountain makes civil servants mute, a park bench silences all lies and a fabulous clock turns the hands of time until love finally comes true. Welcome to the wonderful world of “Soviet operetta”!

Director: Vera Nemirova
Co-Director: Sonja Nemirova
Set- and Costume Designer: Dimana Lateva
Dramaturgy: Janina Zell

A production by the International Opera Studio
Supported by the Foundation for the Support of the Hamburg State Opera

Ort: opera stabile, Kleine Theaterstraße 20354 Hamburg
Preis: 28,- EUR

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