Thursday 02. May. 2019, 8.00 pm | opera stabile World Premiere

Akademie Musiktheater heute 2016-2018

Die Nacht der Seeigel (The Night of the Sea Urchins)

Introduction at 7.20 pm

Three people, three stories: a man on the run, a pregnant woman, an ancient scientist. Each in their own time period, each lonely. Each driven by longing, worry, hope for oneness: I, you, we – lonely, twosome, threesome. The idea of merging opens spaces for association. In a mysterious way, yet very clearly, all three figures are connected: for example, what does the scientist’s theory about sea urchins have to do with the two others? A magical flood: at night, the sea rises and floods the city, sea urchins populating space. The sea urchins change everything, they unite, separate, delete, impregnate. Themselves, the world, the three figures. The flood is no coincidence.

Composition: Huihui Cheng, Diana Syrse, Mischa Tangian
Text: Luise Kautz, Martin Mutschler, Christina Pfrötschner, Evarts Svilpe
Director: Luise Kautz, Martin Mutschler, Christina Pfrötschner
Set Designer: Valentin Mattka, Rebekka Stange,Thilo Ulrich
Costume Designer: Rebekka Stange
Dramaturgy: Evarts Svilpe
Production Manager: Martina Elmer

Final production of the “Academy Musical Theatre Today” of the Deutsche Bank Foundation

Ort: opera stabile, Kleine Theaterstraße 20354 Hamburg
Preis: 28,- EUR

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