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Sat, Feb. 12, 2022, 5.00 pm | opera stabile Premiere

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Isabelle Aboulker

Bella und Blaubart

Introduction at 4.15 pm

Alone in a huge house! Invite friends! Everything is allowed, more than you ever dreamed of. There is only one tiny rule to follow: One door among all the many must remain locked. Here are the keys. The smallest one there, don't use it, ever. There is nothing to see. - Unbearable curiosity. Unbearable. If the door is opened, the limit is crossed. And he will return: the man with blue beard - flashes in the eyes, thundering voice, surrounded by dark stories ... He had a beauty and another and another. But where are they? Nightmares, noises in the night, voices everywhere. On the floor lies a small bloody key ...

Production: Stephan Witzlinger
Stage design: Katharina Philipp
Costumes: Clemens Leander
Dramaturgy: Janina Zell
Music theater pedagogy: Eva Binkle
Children and youth choir: Luiz de Godoy

Text by Christian Eymery based on Charles Perraults La Barbe bleue.
Germnan translation by Irene Weber-Froboese

The opera piccola is supported by the Foundation for the Support of the Hamburg State Opera

Venue: opera stabile, Kleine Theaterstraße 20354 Hamburg
Prices: 10,00 EUR to 28,00 EUR

Oper 2G+performance cancelled

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