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Tue, Feb. 01, 2022, 7.30 pm | Halle 424

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Music & Science 2

Concert and Lecture

Das Internet – ein komplexes System zwischen Ordnung und Chaos – Lecture by Prof. Anja Feldmann, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken

Tom Johnson: “Counting Duets”

Stefan Schäfer: “Hindernisse” for voice and double bass

Tom Johnson: “Bedtime Stories”

Stefan Schäfer: “Für Städtebewohner” for Narrator and Percussion, based on texts by Bertolt Brecht (world premiere)

Tom Johnson: “Eggs and Baskets”

Stefan Schäfer: „Es war einmal“ – Lieder nach Texten von Daniil Charms für Stimme, Flöte, Kontrabass und Schlagzeug

Mezzo-soprano: Kady Evanyshyn
Flute: Manuela Tyllack
Double Bass: Stefan Schäfer
Percussion: Brian Barker

When the internet was created during the 1990s, its inventors had no idea of the challenges their system would have to overcome within only 30 years. No one could imagine the chaos of the near-infinite amounts of data transported via the internet today – every single day. The coronavirus pandemic has only reinforced this effect: within a few days, hundreds of millions of people had to work and shop from home, and the demand for entertainment media sky-rocketed. The research group on internet architecture studies the consequences of this development for the internet and the dangers and possibilities arising for all of us from the internet. One central question in this regard is posed by Prof. Dr. Anja Feldmann: how can the internet be developed further to make it future-proof?

A much easier question is asked by the narrator in Tom Johnson’s piece “Eggs and Baskets”: how can you divide six eggs into two baskets? Is there a right way of doing so, in a universe of possibilities? An apparently random decision. The creative chaos of Johnson’s compositional experiments unfolds in his works, many of which are oriented towards mathematical formulas, for example “Counting Duets”. As a composer, the Philharmonic’s principal double bass player Stefan Schäfer has produced a large oeuvre for his own instrument. As part of the second Themed Concert, he and his colleagues combine several of his own works with Tom Johnson’s. Their performance is entitled “Chaos and Order”. Among other works, Schäfer’s “Für Städtebewohner” for narrator and percussion will be premiered, a composition inspired by urban poetry and based on texts by Bertolt Brecht. This is flanked by “Es war einmal” and “Hindernisse”, in which he imaginatively combines the voice of the double bass with singing and other instruments.

Venue: Halle 424, Stockmeyerstraße 43, 20457 Hamburg
Prices: € 28,00 / 10,00

no advance ticket sale yet Please find relevant information regarding advance ticket sales in the service area of our website.

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