Italian Opera Weeks 2020


In the darkness of a forest, a priestess entreats the goddess of the moon for peace. There is war everywhere: between men and women, father and daughter, a ...

next performance: Sunday 08. Mar. 2020


Messa da Requiem

Libera me. Save me. Liberate me, Lord, from eternal death. The individual wails, faced with the balance of his life. Abysses of nothingness. Verdi’s ...

next performance: Tuesday 10. Mar. 2020



Otello is the very cause of his own madness. He must fend off envy, enmity and threats – were he sane, this would be easy. He has made his way to the top of ...

next performance: Thursday 12. Mar. 2020



Scarpia, Rome’s chief of police, desires Tosca. Since her lover, the painter Cavaradossi, is among the government’s political enemies, Scarpia has him ...

next performance: Wednesday 18. Mar. 2020


Simon Boccanegra

“The human heart is a source of eternal suffering,” thus a line from this Verdi opera, held in particularly high regard by cognoscenti. The fact that it ...

next performance: Sunday 22. Mar. 2020



Sir John Falstaff is an anarchist who obeys only the reign of his own enjoyment, an egoist who feeds only his power-hunger and his own flesh, and who would ...

next performance: Wednesday 25. Mar. 2020


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