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Wednesday 23. May. 2018, 7.00 pm | Kampnagel [k6] World Premiere

Jan Dvorak


Introduction at 6.20 pm

Created from nothing. Ugly and in need of love. Unique. Strange. Rejected. Lonely. Hurt. Angry. Murdering, so that somebody should feel its pain. – In 1818, during her holiday on Lake Geneva, a 19-year-old writer invented a monstrous creature and its creator; Frankenstein, a young scientist thirsting for knowledge creates a humanoid being which drives him and itself into death. Mary Shelley’s novel is a political statement, a vision of the future, a horror story and road movie, all in one. Commemorating the 200th anniversary of this horror classic, the Berlin-based film and opera director Philipp Stölzl (“Der Medicus”, “Winnetou”) and the Hamburg-based composer Jan Dvorak tell the story as a “Gothic opera”, oscillating between sounds of nature, horror effects and a noir version of neo-romanticism.

Conductor: Johannes Harneit
Director: Philipp Stölzl
Co-Director: Philipp M. Krenn
Set Designer: Philipp Stölzl, Heike Vollmer
Costume Designer: Kathi Maurer
Collaborator in orchestration: Meike Katrin Stein
Dramaturgy: Janina Zell

In German with German and English surtitles
Supported by Commerzbank. In the course of International Musikfest Hamburg. In cooperation with Kampnagel and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. An adaption of the production by Theater Basel (Premiere: September 19, 2014).

Ort: Kampnagel [k6]
Preise: 25,00 EUR bis 61,00 EUR

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