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Sun, Jul. 07, 2024, 11.00 am | Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall

10th Philharmonic Concert

Adam Fischer

Joseph Haydn: Scena di Berenice Hob. XXIVa:10 for soprano and orchestra

Béla Bartók: "The Miraculous Mandarin" Concert Suite op. 19

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 in G major

Conductor: Adam Fischer
Soprano: Julia Lezhneva
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg

Introduction 60 minutes before the start of the event

The "Scena di Berenice", not exactly regularly performed today, was composed by Joseph Haydn during his second visit to London. The content is classical aria material: a loving woman, here the soprano Julia Lezhneva, has been abandoned by her partner and now laments sonorously ... 130 years later, a work by Béla Bartók caused a far-reaching scandal: the fiery dance pantomime "The Miraculous Mandarin" had the then Lord Mayor Konrad Adenauer banned in Cologne in 1926. That's how barbaric the music seemed to the listeners. And indeed: Bartók was not concerned with music as edification. He wanted to depict reality, which at the beginning of the 20th century was not always harmonious. With the Fourth Symphony, probably Gustav Mahler's lightest, we jump back to the beginning of the century in the second half of the concert. But beware: behind the light of this symphony there are also dark shallows. Even at a children's concert at New York's Carnegie Hall in 1960, the great Mahler rediscoverer Leonard Bernstein said, "You'll hardly believe it: the man who wrote this happy-go-lucky music was one of the most unhappy people of all time!"
"Bartók shapes the timbres of the orchestral instruments so characteristically that the 'stage' is created in your own mind - perhaps this work sparked my interest in opera."
Bettina Rühl, violist

Introduction 60 minutes before the start of the event

Venue: Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 4, 20457 Hamburg
Prices: € 83,00 / 65,00 / 51,00 / 36,00 / 14,00

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