• Hans Jörg Michel

Sunday 15. Jan. 2017, 8.00 pm - 9.10 pm | opera stabile Premiere


Carlo Gesualdo


Introduction at 7.20 PM

“Tenebrae Responsoria”, the Fifth and Sixth Books of Madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo
The art of Carlo Gesualdo, Principe da Venosa’s madrigals is hard to salvage from his biographical monstrosity of having committed the double murder of his wife and her lover in a jealous rage. In his later madrigals, it is easy to imagine the sounds of lust, rage, sorrow and intimations of death in simultaneous, dissonant rasping. While other composer-colleagues, such as Monteverdi, had already dedicated themselves to modern monody, i.e. solo singing accompanied by instruments, thus driving the invention of opera forward, Gesualdo remained true to a highly complex and highly risky polyphony – a fact alternately considered a mannered, vain gesture, pigheaded conservatism or the breaking of new chromatic ground.

Conductor: Johannes Gontarski
Director and Set Designer: Calixto Bieito
Costume Designer: Rebekka Zimlich
Dramaturgy: Johannes Blum

Guest performance on 4th February 2017 at Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao


Ort: opera stabile, Kleine Theaterstraße 20354 Hamburg
Preis: 28,- EUR

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