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  • Peter Ruzicka

Sun, Mar. 19, 2023, 11.00 am | Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall

7th Philharmonic Concert

Peter Ruzicka

Robert Schumann: Ouverture from "Manfred", Op. 115

Peter Ruzicka: Aulodie for Oboe and Orchestra

Edgar Varèse: Arcana

John Williams: „Star Wars“ Suite for Orchestra

Conductor: Peter Ruzicka
Oboe: Albrecht Mayer
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg

Peter Ruzicka, most recently featured in the Philharmonic’s performances at the State Opera and Hamburg’s Michel with world premieres of his “Benjamin” and “Requiem”, has chosen a fantastic concert programme inspired by romantic playwrights, ancient Greek instruments, the secrets of alchemy and the fictitious past of the “Star Wars” cosmos. The centrepiece is his composition “Aulodie” with the exceptional oboe soloist Albrecht Mayer, who also gave the world premiere in 2011. The work moves through seven scenes, opening space for “sound speech” and emotional borderline situations. The title of what is “perhaps my most ‘novel-like’ work”, as Ruzicka himself says, refers to song accompanied by the aulos, an art form reserved for special occasions.

60 minutes before the concert, there will be a pre-concert talk (in german)

Children`s Program
Age 4-8 Spielplatz Orchester
Age 9-12 Kindereinführung and Konzertbesuch

Venue: Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 4, 20457 Hamburg
Prices: € 65,00 / 52,00 / 41,00 / 28,00 / 12,00

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