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  • Foto: Kiran West

Sat, Jan. 25, 2025, 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm | Main Stage

Ballet by John Neumeier


The world premiere of "Epilogue" on June 30, 2024 marks the end of John Neumeier's 51-year tenure as artistic director and chief choreographer of the Hamburg Ballet. The 173rd work by the longest-serving ballet director in the world will also open the 49th Hamburg Ballet Days. John Neumeier has created an intimate, chamber music-like work with piano and singing on stage. It is a rather abstract ballet of quiet tones and subtle movements that leaves room for personal associations. The music of Franz Schubert, Richard Strauss and Simon & Garfunkel inspires the choreography that John Neumeier develops with the dancers of his ensemble.

The production shines with the participation of international guest artists: the renowned French Schubert interpreter David Fray will perform on the piano and the up-and-coming, multi-award-winning young pianist Emmanuel Christien will be his duo partner. The celebrated Lithuanian soprano Asmik Grigorian will perform Richard Strauss' "Four Last Songs" on the Hamburg Ballet stage. For the costumes, John Neumeier has enlisted Swiss designer Albert Kriemler, who has been a creative companion of the choreographer for many years. The Hamburg Ballet's in-house photographer and videographer, Kiran West, is responsible for the film projections. "Epilogue" promises to be an exciting interaction between choreography, music and visual-aesthetic impressions – a moving creative conclusion to the John Neumeier era in Hamburg.

Music: Franz Schubert, Richard Strauss, Simon & Garfunkel
Choreography, Set and Light: John Neumeier
Costumes: Albert Kriemler – A-K-R-I-S-
Films: Kiran West

2 hours 30 minutes | 1 intermission
Part 1: 80 minutes, Part 2: 45 minutes

Hamburg Ballet, Staatsoper, Hamburg, June 30, 2024

Silvia Azzoni
Alina Cojocaru
Anna Laudere
Ida Praetorius
Madoka Sugai

Jacopo Bellussi
Christopher Evans
Alessandro Frola
Aleix Martínez
Louis Musin
Matias Oberlin
Caspar Sasse
Alexandr Trusch

Supported by the Foundation for the Support of the Hamburg State Opera

Venue: Main Stage, Dammtorstraße 28, 20354 Hamburg
Prices: 7,00 EUR to 137,00 EUR

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