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  • Foto: Thies Rätzke

Sun, Sep. 10, 2023, 6.00 pm | Laeiszhalle, Recital Hall

5th academy concert

Works by Britten, Otten, Rossini, Barber, Antheil, Schäfer, Muhly, Borodin and Ibert

Fabian Otten: "Naranam" (Uraufführung)

Gioachino Rossini: Auszug aus Duetto D-Dur

Clarence Barber: „Impulsions“

George Antheil: „Bohemian Grove at Night“

Stefan Schäfer: „Nordisch Nobel“

Nico Muhly: „Big Time“

Alexander Borodin: Streichsextett d-Moll

Mitglieder des Philharmonischen Staatsorchesters Hamburg

From the 19th century and the shimmering sounds of a Gioachino Rossini to the mystical Arthus saga from the pen of Benjamin Britten and a 20th century work by the American George Antheil, back to Alexander Borodin in romantic Russia, before music of the 21st century is on the program with no less than four works, including a world premiere by Philharmonic solo percussionist Fabian Otten, as well as works by Clarence Barber, Nico Muhly and Philharmonic solo double bassist Stefan Schäfer. Nine very different composers, nine very different sound languages and works, each of which portrays the reality of an artist's life.
Fabian Otten says about "Naranam": "A legend originating from the Indian culture is about Naranath Branthan, who daily lifts a rock up a mountain, only to have it roll down again at the end. It seems to be an absurd task without sense, until one fathoms his motivation. His doing seems absurd only until it is assumed that Naranath pursues his tasks for the sheer joy of them. Happiness lies in the motivation of the doing and in the moment itself. The play both caricatures the apparent absurdity of the world and deals with it."

Venue: Laeiszhalle, Recital Hall, Gorch-Fock-Wall 29, 20355 Hamburg
Prices: € 28,00 / 20,00 / 14,00 / 10,00

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