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Boris Godunov | Modest P. Mussorgsky

The years between the death of Ivan the Terrible and the ascension of the Romanov family to the throne are known in Russia as the “Time of Troubles”. During ...

Premiere: Sat 16. Sep. 2023 | no further performances this season


Salome | Richard Strauss

Under the face of the wandering moon, spirit and body quarrel in all their greatness and wretchedness until the blood of two bodies flows. Strauss remains close ...

Premiere: Sun 29. Oct. 2023 | no further performances this season


Il trovatore | Giuseppe Verdi

For Leonora, the song of the troubadour Manrico holds the promise and glow of love; Manrico's rival Count Luna perceives in it threat and danger. Verdi's opera ...

Premiere: Sun 17. Mar. 2024


La clemenza di Tito | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"If a stern heart is needed for rule, either take away my rule or give me another heart." With these words, Emperor Titus addresses the gods. He, who floods the ...

Premiere: Sun 28. Apr. 2024


Saint François d'Assise | Olivier Messiaen

Why love ugliness? Why praise naturalness? Why entreat heaven to be allowed to experience pain? – Between dream worlds and faith, half of this world and half ...

Premiere: Sun 02. Jun. 2024


opera stabile

Händel´s Factory | Johannes Harneit / Christoph Klimke

Everyone knows the Hallelujah from Handel's oratorio The Messiah, perhaps without knowing where it comes from. Along with Bach and Telemann, Handel was the most ...

Premiere: Sat 04. Nov. 2023 | no further performances this season


Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank | Grigori Frid

Everything seems to have been said about them, books have been written, films made, podcasts produced, facts collected upon facts. And yet there remains a void ...

Premiere: Sat 25. Nov. 2023 | next performance: Wed 10. Apr. 2024


Kannst du pfeifen, Johanna | Gordon Kampe

Ulf has a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a tadpole in a jar, two euros, four golf balls, a friend and a grandpa. A grandpa is great! But it's unfair that his best friend ...

Premiere: Sat 24. Feb. 2024 | next performance: Wed 28. Feb. 2024


Ciboulette | Reynaldo Hahn

A title character named "Chives," love entanglements between aristocrats and greengrocers, baronesses and mistresses, a restaurant called "Zum smuchenden Hund," ...

Premiere: Fri 05. Jul. 2024


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