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Trionfi | Carl Orff

The Carmina Burana with its mighty Fortuna choirs is one of the most famous musical works, but is rarely performed as a trittico teatrale with its two sister ...

Premiere: Sat 21. Sep. 2024


Der Freischütz | Carl Maria von Weber

"The success was tremendous and unprecedented! Critics, artists, amateurs and music lovers were intoxicated ... The auditorium roared apart, loudly proclaiming ...

Premiere: Sun 17. Nov. 2024


Ariadne auf Naxos | Richard Strauss

"It is a simple and tremendous problem of life: that of fidelity", is how Hugo von Hofmannsthal described the core of their third opera together, Ariadne auf ...

Premiere: Sun 26. Jan. 2025


Mitridate, re di Ponto | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What happens when, in times of war and destruction, even your own family becomes a battlefield and mistrust, desire and betrayal break out? The cruel, ingenious ...

Premiere: Sun 23. Feb. 2025


Maria Stuarda | Gaetano Donizetti

Maria and Elisabetta: two queens fight for power and love. Between them stands Count Leicester, Elisabetta's lover, who is attracted to Maria. The two women ...

Premiere: Sun 16. Mar. 2025


Die dunkle Seite des Mondes | Unsuk Chin

Dr. Kieron is a brilliant scientist, respected and feared by his colleagues. But what nobody suspects is that every night he is haunted in his dreams by three ...

Premiere: Sun 18. May. 2025


Die Illusionen des William Mallory | Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier

At the zenith of his career as a board member of a major corporation, disaster suddenly befalls the former working-class son William Mallory. He crashes over a ...

Premiere: Sat 24. May. 2025


opera stabile

Despot | Gordon Kampe

Words of a despot. Collected in times of peace, set to music in times of war: "The wall no longer exists. It has been destroyed. +++ Russia is a friendly ...

Premiere: Sat 25. Jan. 2025


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