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Mon, Sep. 25, 2023, 8.00 pm | Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall

1st Philharmonic Concert

Kent Nagano

Hildegard von Bingen: Alleluia, o Virga mediatrix (choir)

Perotin: Ex semine - from: Libre Vermell o virgo (choir)

Anton von Webern: Five pieces for orchestra op.10

Johannes Ockeghem: Kyrie and Gloria - from: Missa ma maistresse (choir)

Anton von Webern: Variations for orchestra op. 30

Josquin des Prez: Motet tu solus qui facis mirabilia (choir)

Gustav Mahler: Symphonie Nr. 1 D-Dur „Titan“

Kent Nagano
Vokalensemble LauschWerk
Director LauschWerk: Martin Steidler
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg

Introduction 60 minutes before the start of the event

Gustav Mahler composed his first work at the age of six. Twenty-two years of life - and a stellar career as a conductor - later, he completed his first symphony. He faced the difficult legacy of this genre full of idealism, even exuberance, and created nothing less than a musical celebration of life. He christened his work "Titan" - a human giant, but basically: the entire creation with its exultant heights as well as agonizing depths of existence. With this work, General Music Director Kent Nagano opens the Philharmonic series of the 2023/24 season - a drumbeat preceded by works by Hildegard von Bingen, Perotin, Anton Webern, Johannes Ockeghem und Josquin Des Prez. A musical journey through time ...

Venue: Elbphilharmonie, Grand Hall, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 4, 20457 Hamburg
Prices: € 83,00 / 65,00 / 51,00 / 36,00 / 14,00

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