With a good feeling to the opera - The “Hygiene-Guide” for a safe visit

The Hamburg State Opera should be a source of art, culture and music to all opera lovers even in times of a pandemic. The following guide shows in 10 steps how to ensure that all our guests feel safe.

Step 1: Only without symptoms, please

Anyone who feels sick should stay at home. This simple rule is the basis for a safe evening together. In case of coughing or sneezing please do this in the crook of your arm.

Step 2: Admission control

To avoid queues, the admission controls take place at the entrance doors, which open 60 minutes before the performance. There is currently no admission possible for late visitors.

Step 3: The mask is a must-have

It is compulsory to wear the mouth and protector on all traffic and walking routes, in toilets and in lifts. They can be taken off in case of gastronomic consumption and from the beginning of the performance until the final applause when you are seated on your seats.

Step 4: Decency demands distancing

With a safe distance of 1.5 meters, the danger of interchanging aerosols decreases. Of course, it is an exception if you are visiting us with someone else.

Step 5: Clean hands

There are disinfectant dispenser on all floors. Please use these frequently and wash your hands in the washbasins of the restrooms.

Step 6: Much looking, little touching

Our guests should be exposed to infectious situations as little as possible. This is the reason why the opera introductions are solely available online. Program brochures are only available at the counters in the entrance foyer.

Step 7: Save time with pre-ordering

The Gastronomy continues to be open. To avoid queues, please consider to pre-order online at home.

Step 8: Short ways lead to your goal

Spend a short amount of time in the foyer and while being in the foyer, stay nearby your seats. Please use the cloakrooms there.

Step 9: Climbing stairs is healthy

Because the lifts are used by guests who are dependent on them. Thank you for your understanding.

Step 10: That´s a perfect fit!

And it will not change. The seating plans in the auditorium distributes the guests according to a clever system, which ensures enough distance. Therefore, only the purchased seats can be used. Unfortunately, changing seats is not possible.

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