• Spielzeit 2019/20


Boris Godunov | Modest P. Mussorgski

The years between the death of Ivan the Terrible and the ascension of the Romanov family to the throne are known in Russia as the “Time of Troubles”. During ...

Premiere: Saturday 05. Sep. 2020


Die Fledermaus | Johann Strauß

What happened? Two friends attended a masked ball. At the end of the night, the retiree Eisenstein, aka The Butterfly, played a prank on the notary Dr. Falke, ...

Premiere: Sunday 18. Oct. 2020


Manon | Jules Massenet

A nunnery or love? Love or money? Money or death? – On her way to the monastery, the young Manon is wooed by men. When Chevalier Des Grieux turns up, they ...

Premiere: Sunday 24. Jan. 2021


Lucia di Lammermoor | Gaetano Donizetti

Lucia loves Edgard, the last heir of the house of Ravenswood, her family’s enemy clan. They are in danger, as Lucia’s dreams reveal: she sees a dead woman, ...

Premiere: Sunday 07. Mar. 2021


Der Freischütz | Carl Maria von Weber

A forest, idyllic and clear, here an inn, there cheerful huntsmen, and in their midst the bride – hope, the future. A forest, dark and damp, here a chasm, ...

Premiere: Sunday 18. Apr. 2021


Agrippina | Georg Friedrich Händel

Agrippina wants to take advantage of the death of her husband, the Roman emperor Claudio, to install Nerone, her son by a first marriage, on the throne. ...

Premiere: Sunday 23. May. 2021


opera stabile

Fucking Åmål | Samuel Penderbayne

A small town – nice enough, predictable, nothing doing, lame parties, annoying teachers. Infatuation, jealousy, necking. Here we have Elin and her older ...

World Premiere: Friday 20. Nov. 2020


The Truth of a New Year’s Eve – or: oud en nieuw | Johannes Harneit

We go into our workshop to hammer out an operetta: our procedure is practical, artisanal, organized and well-planned. Our tools: old sketches, music and ...

World Premiere: Friday 09. Apr. 2021


La Luna | Lorenzo Romano

Although the moon shines, it does not use any energy. Its surface reveals a man, bent under a heavy burden. However, it is merely the play of shadows and light. ...

World Premiere: Friday 18. Jun. 2021


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