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  • Spielzeit 2019/20


molto agitato | György Ligeti/Johannes Brahms/Georg Friedrich Händel/Kurt Weill

Together with director Frank Castorf, we have developed a project that artistically responds to the new situation. Concert, song and music theatre provide the ...

Premiere: Sat 05. Sep. 2020 | no further performances this season


Märchen im Grand-Hotel | Paul Abraham

In order to save her father’s film production company from dire financial straits, Marylou has a brilliant, groundbreaking idea. She wants to produce the ...

Premiere: Sun 13. Sep. 2020 | no further performances this season


Pierrot lunaire / La voix humaine | Arnold Schönberg / Francis Poulenc

In 1912 Arnold Schönberg set to music in free atonality "Three Times Seven Poems" by the Belgian Albert Giraud. His cycle Pierrot Lunaire: Rondels Bergamasques ...

Premiere: Sun 11. Oct. 2020 | no further performances this season


Die Fledermaus | Johann Strauß

What happened? Two friends attended a masked ball. At the end of the night, the retiree Eisenstein, aka The Butterfly, played a prank on the notary Dr. Falke, ...

Premiere: Mon 14. Dec. 2020 | no further performances this season

Manon | Jules Massenet

A nunnery or love? Love or money? Money or death? – On her way to the monastery, the young Manon is wooed by men. When Chevalier Des Grieux turns up, they ...

Premiere: Wed 02. Jun. 2021


Lucia di Lammermoor | Gaetano Donizetti

Lucia loves Edgard, the last heir of the house of Ravenswood, her family’s enemy clan. They are in danger, as Lucia’s dreams reveal: she sees a dead woman, ...

Premiere: Sun 07. Mar. 2021 | no further performances this season

Agrippina | Georg Friedrich Händel

Agrippina wants to take advantage of the death of her husband, the Roman emperor Claudio, to install Nerone, her son by a first marriage, on the throne. ...

Premiere: Fri 28. May. 2021


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