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Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for a gift, but don't want to specify one opera, ballet or concert performance on a particular date, that is not a problem. We offer gift vouchers for any amount you like, which can also be purchased online. The vouchers are valid for three years and can be exchanged for tickets at our ticket office or in our online ticket shop. Gift vouchers can be bought online here.

Voucher Package “Opera, Ballet & Thalia”

Select your personal season flexibly and save money: 2 vouchers for opera performances at the State Opera, for performances of the Hamburg Ballet (Seating Categories 4/5) and the Thalia Theater (Seating Categories A/B) for reduced prices. To make your planning easier, we will mail you the monthly programme flyers for the State Opera and the Thalia Theater for one year free of charge. € 250.

And this is how the Voucher Package works: Our ticket office will exchange vouchers for performances of the Hamburg State Opera for tickets from the presale date onwards, depending on availability.

In order to use the Thalia Theater vouchers, please contact the ticket office there.

You may exchange as many vouchers as you like for one performance, and the vouchers are transferable.

In the Voucher Package "Opera, Ballet & Thalia", the opera and ballet vouchers are valid for performances in Price Categories C to F; the Thalia vouchers are valid for all repertoire performances with the exception of Category A premieres. Unfortunately, moving to a higher price category and paying the difference is not possible. Opera, ballet and Thalia vouchers can only be redeemed for their own category, not for others.
The voucher package is only valid for the 2020/21 season.

Vouchers can generally not be used for guest performances by third-party presenters.

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